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'Icon ER' means "Icons that suck!"
17 June 1985
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1. If, by some crazy chance, it turns out that you like my icons and would like to use one, please right-click and save/upload it to your own server. There are multiple free image hosts out there, (I use Photobucket), so there is no excuse to steal my bandwidth.
2. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so again, if you happen to like my work, let me know. The more feedback I get, the more graphics I make, the (hopefully) better quality I put out.
3. Once again, people like to know they are doing a good job. If you use a graphic/icon of mine, please give proper credit. (For icons, simply put something along the lines of "icon created by iconer" in the comment box of the edit userpics page, FO banners/headers may be credited anywhere on your user info profile, and color-bars should link back to the original entry they were posted in.) If I happen to see that you are using one of my graphics without giving me proper credit, I will become angry (and probably rabid; so spare us both, please).
4. Like what you see? Wanna pass along my name? Recommendations are always welcome!
Also note that all graphics are cataloged by entry tags (NOT memories), in categories such as type of graphic, medium, genre, theme, type of icon, etc., making this journal more easily searchable. (The full list of tags can be found here.) I do so much for you people it sickens me.

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All caps/icons were taken/made by me using PowerDVD, Ulead's iPhoto Express, and your run-of-the-mill paint program, unless otherwise noted. (So don't buck 'em.)

526 icons, 8 FO banners, 1 color-bar, and counting.